Refractive Surgery
Phakic Intraocular lenses

What are phakic lenses?

This technique is carried out on our Refractive Surgery Unit.

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Fig.4: Dr. Iradier’s book about phakic lenses.

Dr. Iradier's book about phakic lenses.

Video:Testimony of Myopia surgery using intraocular lenses..

Sometimes, when LASIK surgery is contraindicated and in order to solve the refractive error, another surgical technique is used, intraocular phakic lenses.

When phakic intraocular lenses are a better option?

To correct high myopias (more than 9 diopters), high hyperopias (more than 5 diopters) and some high astigmatisms, intraocular lenses can be used.

Also, when LASIK is not indicated, such as in keratocone or in reduced thickness corneas, refractive errors can be solved using intraocular lenses.

Currently, due to technology and wide experience of ophthalmologists and their teams, the mayority of refractive errors can be sucessfully solved.

Types of lenses

Intraocular phakic lenses can be implanted in the anterior chamber, as angle-fixated lenses or iris-fixated, in the posterior chamber as intraocular contact lenses (ICL).

When implanting intraocular pseudophakic lenses, the natural lens is removed usig phacoemulsification and the new one is inserted in its place.

In our Youtube channel you can find videos showing the techniques as done by Doctor Iradier. Your can see myopia surgery using Aquaport ICL phakic lenses  , myopia surgery using ICL phakic lenses   and myopia surgery using intrastromal rings for a patient having undergone keratoconus surgery  .

What is this surgery like for the patient?

Intraocular lens surgery is performed ambulatory, and visual acuity recovery begans inmediately after the operation.

Dr. Iradier is an expert in phakic intraocular lenses srugery

Dr. Iradier is a professional of recognized standing in the surgery with intraocular phakic lenses, having published a book with international diffusion about this topic.