Cataract Surgery

What are cataracts?

This technique is carried out on our Cornea and Cataract Unit.

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Video: Testimony of Cataract surgery using multifocal lenses.

Video: Testimony of Cataract surgery using monofocal lenses.

Cataract is the opacification of the lens due to age, or other causes such as ocular trauma or inflammation.

The lens is responsible for 20% of the refractive power of the eye.

The first symptom of a developing cataract is blurred vision due to changes in refractive power of the eye. This condition can sometimes be corrected with glasses.

As the cataract develops, the removal of the lens will be necessary to recover previous visual acuity.

Cataract surgery using laser

Currently, cataract surgery is performed using the Phacoemulsification technique with ultrasound and femtosecond laser. It is state-of-the-art technology and we use it at our Cornea and Cataract Cornea Unit.

Using only a topical anesthetic (eye drops), a stair-stepped opening of about 1/14 of an inch is made in the lens. Then the cataract is broken into microscopic particles and gently suctioned from the eye. Finally, a soft foldable lens is implanted.

Simultaneous correction of presbyopia

It is possible to use special multifocal lenses to simultaneously correct presbyopia. That way, glasses can be avoided for near and far sight.

How is the surgery like for the patient?

No stitches are necessary as the natural outward pressure within the eye seals the stair-stepped opening.

Patients typically feel nothing during or after the procedure. No patching is necessary, and visual recovery begins immediately after the operation.

Phacoemulsification allows patients to continue their daily activities without interruption.

In our Youtube channel you can find videos showing the surgical technique as done by Doctor Iradier. You can see cataract surgery using microincision and multifocal lens to correct presbyopia  .

Do you still have more questions on cataract surgery?

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